Sharp Zaurus SL-5600

This is my Zaurus, there may be many like it in the World; but this one is mine and this is the story of what I have done with it.

I longer use the Zaurus - please do not email with any questions I have not used it in over a year.

Tweaks and setup:

Note: all commands are to be run as root, SU

cradle and host program in IP mode - Make changes in: PC link on Zaurus
Zaurus manager on PC
installed embedded console to main - LINK
Advantages: More functionality then the standard terminal program, Word wrap, Multiple sessions
Copy the IPK file to SD card/Documents/Install_files using Zaurus file manager then run Add/Remove under Settings on Zaurus
installed fdisk to main - LINK
Needed to create and format new file system on SD card
fdisked SD card umount /dev/mmcda1
fdisk /dev/mmcda
linux primary, same start and end as initial format
mkfs.ext2 /dev/mmcda1
mount /dev/mmcda1 /mnt/card

Thanks newkirk (Zaurus devnet forums)
Fix perms on card so you can write to the card from GUI apps.
chmod o+w /mnt/card
if that doesn't work try this:
chown -R zaurus.qpe /mnt/card

install SSH - LINK The readme has great step by step install instructions

Copy tar file to SD card from computer
tar -xzf openssh-3.1p1-arm-linux-3.tar.gz
cd openssh-3.1p1
./ s f
          S for SD card F for full
no pass codes on keys
left root the same - if you put a public IP on your zaurus you should use a strong root password
install pico - LINK copy the pico bin to the /mnt/card/bin make if needed
ln s  /mnt/card/bin/pico /usr/bin/pico create symlink to pico
chmod 667 /mnt/card/bin/pine
bash for root pico /etc/passwd to change default root shell from sh to bash
installed Ambicom wireless card Created a network profile using network under Settings - No problems
install kismet to SD (not main like the installer insists) See Kismet page
Kismet_qt GUI program install to SD - Another program that did not want to install to the Card See Kismet Page
Added a 32 swap file to SD card - I am not sure this is a great idea but I wanted to try it anyway. May cause premature failure of your SD card. dd if=/dev/zero of=/home/root/swapfile bs=1024 count=32768
mkswap /home/root/swapfile
swapon /home/root/swapfile
Add the swap to the startup scripts
Add "swapon /home/root/swapfile" to the bottom of /etc/rc.d/rc.local
cd /etc/rc.d/rc5
ln -s ../rc.local S49local
Syslogs - If you know how to get the zaurus to keep better syslogs please email me  
wlanmon GUI program install to SD - LINK Another program that would only install to main, I also had problems getting winzip to extract the files from IPK file, so I installed the program to main memory copied all the files to the SD card, uninstalled the app and then set up everything by hand.

Place bin file in /mnt/card/QtPalmtop/bin
Place png file in /mnt/card/QtPalmtop/Pics
Chmod 777 the bin file
Create symlink from /home/QtPalmtop/bin to /var/mnt/card/QtPalmtop/bin for wlanmon
ln -s /var/mnt/card/QtPalmtop/pics/wlanmon.png /home/QtPalmtop/pics/wlanmon.png
this creates a symlink for icon file
copy wlanmon.desktop file to /home/QtPalmtop/apps/Applications

Change Screen saver 1. create /home/QtPalmtop/pics/Zaurus_logo.png - File should be 100 x 100
2. add 'ScreensaverImage = /home/QtPalmtop/pics/Zaurus_logo.png' entry to /home/zaurus/Settings/qpe.conf (anywhere under '[Screensaver]' section)

thanks gervin - Devnet

FTP Daemon Installed this package to Internal, then connect to normal ftp port.
updated 12May2003 - 0944 CDT